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Deep Dirt Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit # 82-1550846 

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education for climate resilience

Deep Dirt Institute uses hands-on demonstration and inspirational education to empower individuals and their communities to restore the land, restore themselves, and reimagine the future

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Deep Dirt Farm is our 34-acre campus of rolling grasslands and mesquite bosques surrounded by mountains. The farm is bisected by an ephemeral stream, which is a wildlife corridor. Situated 1.5 miles from the charming, world-renowned birding community of Patagonia, AZ, the site is nestled into one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet: the Sky Islands region of the Southwest U.S. 

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Deep Dirt Institute's programs take place at Deep Dirt Farm, an authentic and beautiful model of resilience and regeneration that mirrors the system of Nature (humans included) and inspires an intimate relationship with place through education, artful practice and embodied skills.

Here, you’ll find numerous structures made with reclaimed and sustainable materials fitted to harvest rainwater, a roughly 1,400-square-foot greenhouse with food plants and native pollinator species, composting and soil-enrichment systems, and a small orchard meant to provide food and hardwood resources in the long term. 



We need your help today! Your financial support will enable Deep Dirt Institute to enhance its curriculum and expand its educational programming to reach a broader audience.

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Guided walking tours of Deep Dirt Farm are by appointment, last between 2-3 hours, and cost $150.

This fee covers up to 8 people and includes a walking tour of the watershed, a presentation of the restoration work, and an overview of permaculture techniques used on the farm.