Clay Paint & Plaster Carving

1-Day Workshop

Saturday, March 17, 2018

With renowned earth plaster artisan, Athena Steen

(co-founder of the Canelo Project)

The Teacher

Athena Steen has been teaching people how to work with clay plasters, straw bale, cob, earthen floors, and ovens for over 30 years.

She is known for combining practical, easy-to-learn techniques with artistic form and design. 

The Workshop

Learn to mix and make your own clay paint using pottery and locally harvested clays. These paints can be made to go over just about any base, even sheetrock and latex paint.

We will be using clay paint to decorate the clay-sculpted snake that was created during the 2017 Clay Plastering & Sculpting workshops at Deep Dirt Farm.

We will be mixing and applying with hawk and trowel a thin clay plaster, which can be used as a fine interior finish.  In the course, we will add a new layer of clay plaster so that we can carve into it, revealing the layer beneath.  These carvings make for a simple but stunning decoration.

We will be stabilizing the exterior earthen plaster with linseed oil. We will also stain the cement finish that was applied to some straw bale benches in the previous workshop, to create a beautiful colorful result.

The Setting

The group project will be completed at Deep Dirt Farm in beautiful Patagonia, Arizona.

The Details

  • $80 per person includes instruction, materials, and tools used throughout the full-day workshop

  • Bring your own picnic lunch

The techniques and mixtures used in these workshops may change as the overall design evolves. Different participants will work on different aspects of the project, and we may split into smaller groups. While you may not be able to learn or gain hands-on experience with every part of the project, you will learn a lot through this fun, flexible, and collaborative process!

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