Kate Tirion

"We are part of the ecosystem, not apart from it, and once you understand the difference you make decisions from an entirely new perspective."

Kate Tirion, Founder and Program Director of Deep Dirt Farm grew up on a 11th Century Amish-style (pre-industrial) farm and flour mill in West Wales. Her father taught agriculture practicum, her mother was a naturalist with a passion for fungi. Every day was an opportunity to learn. "I grew up with livestock, arable crops, beekeeping, orchards, wine making, beer brewing and a million other things. Everything we ate was made from scratch, much of it produced on ours and neighbor’s farms", says Kate. "I studied agricultural biology in high school, and was a Young Farmer (UK’s 4-H) for four years.”


Kate attended the Center for AgroEcology and Sustainable Food Systems at the University of California at Santa Cruz where she was certified in Eco-Horticulture, the gold standard for organic food production in the United States.


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