Mission, Vision, & Values


Deep Dirt Institute uses hands-on demonstration and inspirational education to empower individuals and their communities to restore the land, restore themselves, and reimagine the future.

In order to achieve our mission, we…

  • Demonstrate arid lands restoration and permaculture at our 34-acre campus, Deep Dirt Farm. A model for the future, we show what it looks like to live in healthy relationship with the natural world and regenerate the land, soil, water, and wildlife.

  • Teach people how to restore land, grow healthy food, repurpose waste, design permaculture systems, and connect healthy ecosystems to healthy bodies. We reskill communities with permaculture skills and traditional/folk skills.

  • Co-create the site with thousands of volunteers to build resilience and a sense of shared ownership and commitment.

  • Inspire and empower individuals to make a difference in their own communities. We give them the skills to face climate crisis with competence and resilience.

  • Collaborate with a network of organizations to broaden our reach.

  • Serve the local community in Patagonia, AZ and ripple our impact outward to Santa Cruz County, the Sonoran Desert, the Southwest U.S., and arid lands worldwide.


A world where everyone has a sense of belonging on the earth and with each other.


We further envision…

  • A thriving provisioning economy in which people’s needs are met largely within their bioregion.

  • A new global rhythm where people live in harmony with the environment.

  • A world where people work creatively together to build hope and resilience for an uncertain future.

  • A vibrant movement where grassroots centers for permaculture education erupt and turn the tide of climate crisis.


  • Reciprocity - We value living in harmony with the land and co-evolving with the ecosystem.

  • Building community - We invite people to build relationships with each other. We aspire to showcase skills and talents of local community members.

  • Empowerment - We value conserving resources and reducing our impact on the land. We also recognize that we can go beyond conservation; we have the power to restore and improve the land.

  • Human scale - We believe in serving as an authentic, small-scale model that people can replicate. We want people to say, “I too can do this.”

  • Economic accessibility - We aim to promote practical yet artful solutions for a shoestring budget. To this end, we value the recycling and repurposing of waste materials.

  • Diversity and inclusion - We strive to actively include and engage marginalized communities with regard to race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, religion, political affiliation, and other marginalized identities.

  • Social justice lens - We aspire to think beyond diversity and inclusion, and ask questions like: “How can we work to right the wrongs of history?” “How should we exist on land stolen from Native peoples?” and “How can we compensate people fairly for their time and work?”

  • Respectful communication - We value honesty, transparency, being nice, listening, and valuing others’ opinions.

  • Intentionality - We value reflecting on purpose and place, developing strategy and plans, and thinking about where we want to go before setting out on the journey.

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