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Tours of Deep Dirt Farm

Guided tours are by appointment, last between 2-3 hours, and cost $150. This fee includes a walking tour of the watershed, a presentation of the restoration work, and an overview of permaculture techniques used on the farm.

Hands-on Workshops

Bring a group of people who share common interests. Learn to grow great soil, organic food, and improve your life and state of well-being. Learn to reconnect and heal the planet. Hands-on projects that covers all aspects of human, wildlife and ecosystem needs. Scroll down to discover the complete curriculum.

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If you wish to participate in an upcoming workshop rather than initiating your own tour/workshop, please view our Event Calendar and/or contact us directly.


Organic Food Basics

From Seed to Harvest


  •   Seed sowing

  •   Transplanting

  •   Care & maintenance

  •   Harvest

  •   Growing in a greenhouse or in the garden


The Foundation for Healthy, Nutritious Food


  • Improving topsoil

  • Making soil

  • Growing life in the soil

  • Turning a dirt parking lot into a garden

  • To mulch or not to mulch


From Shirts and Socks to Soil


  •   Home scale

  •   Field scale

  •   Sheet mulch

  •   Simple compost teas

  •   Buy a bin or make a bin?


From Rainfall to Irrigation


  •   Rainwater harvesting

  •   Erosion control

  •   Water conservation, best practices

  •   Increasing effective rainfall

  •   Storage: Cisterns vs. soil


Building Habitat


  •   Choosing plants

  •   Care & culture

  •   Natives vs. non-natives

  •   Hedgerows: what they are & how to create them

  •   Integrated landscapes - food for all

Tiny House Building

Charming, Practical and Fun


  •   Appropriate building materials

  •   Creative repurposing of waste

  •   Grow materials for the future

  •   Siting buildings for passive energy

  •   Living safely on the land

Reading the Landscape

How External Forces Shape the Places We Live


  •   Basic permaculture philosophy

  •   Developing observation skills - landscape detective

  •   Developing a relationship with place

  •   Seeing the world through fresh eyes

  •   Mapping your site

Landscape Restoration

Large scale


  •   Site assessment, understanding the flows

  •   Where to intervene, maximizing leverage

  •   The nature of soils

  •   Rules and regulations

  •   Building stabilization structures, how to chose

Landscape Design

Beauty and Function


  •   Growing your relationship with place

  •   Planning for the future

  •   How to get started

  •   Simple steps, critical considerations

  •   How our bodies tell us what works

Orchard Basics

Food Forests


  •   Benefits of growing fruit and nuts

  •   Choosing trees

  •   Which rootstocks

  •   Preparing the ground

  •   Pruning techniques

  •   Care

Basic Blacksmithing

(limited availability)


  •   Introduction and History

  •   Learning to heat & hammer steel

  •   Hardening & tempering tool steel

  •   Heating at a coal forge

  •   Shaping on the anvil


Their Importance, Beauty and Value; Those We Eat


  •   Carbon sequestration

  •   Grasses role in soil stabilization

  •   Erosion management

  •   Beauty of grasses

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