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Deep Dirt Institute's programs take place at our campus, Deep Dirt Farm, near Patagonia, Arizona. Deep Dirt Farm is an authentic and beautiful model of resilience and regeneration that inspires an intimate relationship with place through education, artful practice and embodied skills.​

In 2005, Kate Tirion and Richard Connolly purchased 34 acres of heavily grazed and eroded grasslands in the Sky Islands of Arizona. Since then, Kate has overseen the design and implementation of ambitious and ever-evolving permaculture systems on the property and transformed the site into a teaching center.


Construction of a 1,400 square foot cool greenhouse led to the year-round production of vegetables, involvement of local women in a food-growing collaborative, and donations of food to community senior center.


The repurposing of waste materials has supported creation of rainwater harvesting structures, compost systems, a small orchard, a duck house, a solar water pump, fencing, erosion control structures, adobe tiny houses, an underground storage unit, and other wonders. Because of this repurposing effort, the farm reduced landfill waste, saved the local school district thousands of dollars, and inspired others to think differently about waste.


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