Anita Budhraja hired as Executive Director

On behalf of the new Board of Directors of Deep Dirt Institute, I am very pleased to announce that we have hired Anita Budhraja as our Executive Director. Anita has a dual degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University and has completed two long-term Permaculture Design Courses. As part of her career with other volunteer-driven nonprofits, she managed a high-production farm to food pantry program in Washington, DC and led dryland reforestation in India.

In addition to Anita's demonstrated passion for permaculture and dryland restoration, she has an impressive record of successful organizational development, strategic planning, program leadership, and relationship management. Having lived in residential intentional communities for 8 years, she has both formal training and a lived experience in challenging dialogue, facilitation, consensus, and conflict resolution. We are thrilled to have a leader with such a unique combination of technical and people skills.

Anita's connection to Deep Dirt is similar to so many others'—she volunteered at the farm 5 years ago, was deeply inspired by the work being spearheaded by our founder and Program Director, Kate Tirion, and has remained impressed by its impact on the local ecology and on the people who are touched by this work. She shares our vision and is excited to work alongside Kate to help Deep Dirt Institute transition into to a self-sustaining organization that will live to see the long-term impact of its work.

This is Anita's first month on the job! We invite our network of DDI friends and colleagues to warmly welcome her and provide support, insight, and collaboration as she transitions into this leadership role.

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