Dreaming a New Way of Being on Our Earth

For several decades I have been observing tremendous disruptions and stresses placed on our ecosystems. Human demand for more (of everything) has pushed our planet to the brink of disaster and we are now witnessing just what our actions have brought about. This outbreak is not a surprise or a mystery. Nor will it be the only one.

Recovery cannot be embedded purely in new economic thinking. Recovery must be embedded in ecosystem restoration in order to bring about balance and restore the heath of our planet. Ecosystem instability gave rise to the coronavirus. We know how to accomplish this balance - this is the work we do every day at our campus.

We are at an inflection point and the coronavirus, while disrupting us terribly in the near term, may well prove to be what we, as a species, need to bring to a screeching halt in order to save us from ourselves; from total annihilation in the face of the climate crisis, the effects of which will make the coronavirus seem like a simple comma on the page of human evolution.

Deep Dirt Institute and campus exists because of our concern for the future of all life on Earth. We teach systemic ways of thinking, creating integrated habitat that supports the needs of humans and wildlife in the near and long term; emphasis on the long term.

As we become steeped in the current reality, we can use this slowed time to reflect on our values and ethics, on what really matters and how we can reimagine a future that is resilient, reliant on local sources for our most of our needs. Indeed, what do we really need?

To be good neighbors, we at Deep Dirt Institute have closed all public offerings and have placed ourselves in a strategic retreat. We will use this time to generate online information that will be helpful and informative. Pragmatism and practicality are our cornerstones and we aim to create useful content for you.

Our collective inflection period may be longer than any of us imagine, but I have great faith, from personal experience, in our ability to change and grow. I have high hopes for the future because of the youthful community who have been a key part of Deep Dirt’s evolution; they are our future, the leaders we will one day look to guide us. Their hearts are in the right place. Their desire for a livable planet and their willingness and commitment to shaping a future that respects and values all life on Earth is alive in them.

As we emerge from this time our desire is to serve you, to have a place where you can come and learn with us, to help shift the paradigm from one of destruction to one of regeneration. I invite you to help grow our community of resilience in as many small ways as you can; many small ways are stronger than one large action. As we midwife this new way of thinking and being, remember the birthing process: Breathe, pause, push. Repeat. Repeat again. Be well.

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