Camping and Lodging

on the Farm

The Mulberry House

A Notch Above Camping...

Stay in our charming nest—a tiny round adobe structure located in "Three Dam Draw" at the heart of Deep Dirt Farm.


More comfortable than camping, our tiny adobe house provides just enough sleeping space for 1 or 2 people. We provide quality sleeping pads and pillows; you provide your own bedding, etc.

The Perch

Camp out under the stars or take cover under the shelter of The Perch: just below a ridge line, protected from wind and rain, with sweeping views of Red Mountain and our rolling foothills. 

Bring your own sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow. While our beautiful Arizona climate supports tent-free camping throughout much of the year, tent sites are also available.  


The simplicity of the infrastructure supports our need to disconnect from the intensity of modern life, encouraging a more peaceful and connected state of being.

An opportunity to retreat into a world where nature & healing meet.

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